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Folderit DMS now in German, French & Spanish!

We have made some eagerly awaited additions to the document management solution Folderit. Yes, we have added entirely three new languages to the system.

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Cheap document management software

Cheap document management software

We have meticulously searched to find out which is the cheapest document management software (DMS). Are others priced higher, lower or the same? And, it sure looks like Folderit DMS has done something incredible.

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Document Approval Workflow in DMS

Document approval workflow or invoice approval workflow is needed in many organizations because as a role an invoice, for example is not to be paid before it is approved. Sometimes it’s enough if one person–a manager, perhaps–approves the document, but often several people have to give their approval to go ahead. It would be time-consuming and very inefficient (and therefore […]

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Paperless office software

Paperless Office with Online-Based Document Management

Paperless office is here to stay as buying paper to be used in the office is relatively cheap, but the cost associated with using and discarding it is exponentially more expensive. Not only does paper usage cost businesses in the form of storage, handling, copiers/printers, and shredders, it also costs our planet in the form of […]

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Office Yoga: The ONE Exercise Everyone Should Know

Office yoga is here! We are all intelligent beings, and within our amazingly intricate heads exist our sensing organs, beautiful hair, and the most important of all — two cerebral/brain hemispheres. While it may seem as though the left hemisphere is the most important because it is what helps us analyze and be sensible and […]

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Document Management Software benefits

4 Tell-Tale Signs Your Data Organization Needs an Update

In case you haven’t noticed, the world of digital technology has taken over just about every aspect of our lives, including in the workplace. But even as companies increasingly go digital with their data organization, many are still stuck at baby step #1 in effective content management. The thing is, failing to move forward in […]

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where to keep important digital documents management safe

Where To Keep Your Important Documents?

A truly effective storage place for document management must be: Accessible Secure Storing your important documents in the hard drive of your computer or on an external hard drive may seem to be accessible – you can retrieve them with a few simple clicks of a mouse – but is the location secure?  If that […]

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What is Metadata? Document management system.

What is Metadata (and What Makes it So Useful)?

You’ve most likely spent more time than you care to remember searching your hard drive for that lost file… When your search finally did turn up the potential prospects, how many documents did you have to browse through to find the one that contained the specific data that you needed? Chances are it was too […]

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Document management system for small business

Why Choose an Cloud Document Management System?

It’s easy to see why a digital document management system beats the traditional paper system.  Spending even one day chasing down a misplaced or misfiled page, photocopying, filing, delivering to the entire team, or trying to recover documents lost in a fire or flood would be persuasive enough to cause most people to make the […]

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how to choose document management system DMS

How to Choose a Document Management System

You’re convinced that a document management system is the best way to go for your business, but how do you go about finding the right one? Surprisingly, it isn’t always about which one has the most to offer! You see, sometimes bigger is not better.  In the case of choosing a document management system, “simple” […]

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