What is Metadata? Document management system.

What is Metadata (and What Makes it So Useful)?

You’ve most likely spent more time than you care to remember searching your hard drive for that lost file… When your search finally did turn up the potential prospects, how many documents did you have to browse through to find the one that contained the specific data that you needed? Chances are it was too […]

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Document management system for small business

Why Choose an Cloud Document Management System?

It’s easy to see why a digital document management system beats the traditional paper system.  Spending even one day chasing down a misplaced or misfiled page, photocopying, filing, delivering to the entire team, or trying to recover documents lost in a fire or flood would be persuasive enough to cause most people to make the […]

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How to Choose a Document Management System

You’re convinced that a document management system is the best way to go for your business, but how do you go about finding the right one? Surprisingly, it isn’t always about which one has the most to offer! You see, sometimes bigger is not better.  In the case of choosing a document management system, “simple” […]

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what is document management for small business

What is Document Management

Using a document management system (DMS), also called document management software, is becoming increasingly popular in the business sector for several good reasons! Document management involves the use of a computer system and software for the purpose of storing, organizing, tracking, and handling electronically-created information and media. 

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